Robert "Bob" Thornton and Lady Carolyn


Bob was raised as an “Air Force Brat” living in many places, as his father was an Air Force officer, and they moved from base to base throughout the Southern and Western United States. His longest stay anywhere was 6 years at Biggs AFB in “the largest city in New Mexico – El Paso”.   Ironically, when he joined the Air Force himself after graduating from Louisiana Tech and Georgia Tech, he was assigned to Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque!

Bob and Carolyn were married in 1973 and have raised a family of three boys, twins Jack and Kevin and younger son Brett.  They extended their family in 2001 adopting two 11-year old twins from Russia,  Julia and Valerie.  Yes, two sets of twins!  Jack lives in Boise, ID, and is married to Crista.  Kevin lives in Albuquerque, is married to Tamara. 

After leaving the Air Force in 1973, Bob worked in an engineering capacity within the nuclear power industry (TVA), consumer goods -Procter & Gamble; pharmaceuticals - Key Pharmaceuticals & Summa Medical. 

In 1991, after running his own consulting company for a few years, he was employed by Intel as a Project Manager traveling from New Mexico to Arizona, to Malaysia, and then back again.  Currently, he is an internal business systems consultant working with Intel’s suppliers around the world.  He travels so much that he actually has a set of used (1st class) airline seats in his study!

Carolyn also is a veteran of the Viet Nam era.  After graduating from East Tennessee State University, she served as a US Army Nurse in Yokohama, Japan.  Later she received her Masters in Nursing at Emory University in Atlanta.  This is where she met Bob.  In May 2008, she retired from the VA Hospital in Albuquerque after 24 years of government service.

Bob was raised as a Master Mason in Temple Lodge #6 on April 29, 2004.  He because a Mason as “it seemed right”.  His father and grandfather were both Masons, and his family history extends back to Virginiain pre-colonial times and includes many Masonic ancestors.  If you'll let him, Bob will even show you on a reproduction of George Washington’s Fellow Craft sign-in sheet, that is hanging in Temple 6.  The sign-in sheet has the signature of his great, great….Uncle Pressley Thornton, who was visiting Fredericksburg from Caroline County, VA.  Joining Bob as Masons are both sons; Kevin who was WM of Hiram 13 in 2008 and Brett.  They both also belong to the Shrine.  This makes four consecutive generations of Masons in the Thornton Family.

In addition to Ballut Abyad Shrine, Bob is a member of Zia Daylight Lodge 77, Albuquerque York Rite Chapter, the MSCRIF (Rosicrucians), York Rite College, and the Red Cross of Constantine.  Bob has affiliations in Ballut Abuad Temple with Alb-A-Kars, the Nomads and helps with the Azayim when Divan duties permit.

Outside of Masonry, Bob has served within the Boy Scouting organizations of NM as Scoutmaster and District Committee Member, as a Soccer coach, in church council offices, and with several professional societies.