2018 Ballut Abyad Divan Members


Elected Divan


Illustrious Sir Gary Budde - Potentate 

Noble Tom Brown - Chief Rabban 

Noble Chris Leitch - Assistant Rabban 

Noble Steve Gough - High Priest and Prophet 

Noble Jeff Dobbs - Oriental Guide 

Illustrious Sir Ray St John - Recorder 

Illustrious Sir Robert Thornton - Treasurer 


Appointed Divan


Noble James Lamb - 1st Ceremonial Master 

Noble K.T. Manis - 2nd Ceremonial Master

Noble Joe Vanderburg - Director

Noble Tom Davis - Marshal

Noble Don Schossow - Chaplain

Noble Johnnie Smith - Captain of the Guard

Noble Todd Ireland - Outer Guard

Noble Alec Reber - Parliamentarian