Ballut Abyad Jewel of Honor

The Jewel of Honor is an award that may be earned by any Noble for service to Ballut Abyad, the Shrine, and Shriners Hospitals.  The Jewel is awarded only when a Noble reaches the necessary points.  The Potentate has the choice of awarding a special Jewel for exemplary service.

  • Points earned CANNOT be given to any other Noble. 
  • Points CANNOT be given for hours worked if the Unit or Club is getting paid for the service being provided. 
  • Points CANNOT be given for mileage to or from activities or for travel time to or from any activity or event. 

Points are cumulative from year to year and the full amount need not be earned during any single calendar year.

A Jewel engraved with the Nobles name and year awarded, is given for the first 500 points earned.  It is attached to a "rainbow collar".  Each successive 500 points entitles the Noble to a star, which he can attach to the "rainbow collar".  Upon reaching 5000 points, a bar with the year engraved on it, will be attached to the Jewel.

Upon reaching 22,500 points the Noble is awarded a Silver Collar to which he will attach his Jewel.  At that point he will not receive any more stars.  At 40,000 points the Nobel will receive a Gold Collar to which he will attach his Jewel.  At 57,500 points the Noble will receive a SILVER JEWEL.

The record of points earned by Nobles should be kept by a person designated by the Unit/Club President, and submitted to the Jewel of Honor Recorder.  Reports may be in any form except hand written notes. 

When a Unit/Club donate to an approved charity, the points earned for the donation may be given to one or more Nobles as determined by the Unit/Club President or his designee.  The minimum that can be given to any Noble is 25 points.

Points will only be awarded for the items on the POINTS list.  Exceptions and special awards must be approved by the Potentate.

Jewel of Honor