Daryl Wilson and Lady Julie

WilsonDaryl and his lady, Julie, have been married for 19 years.  They met each other in the want ads.  Julie placed the ad in the single scene magazine that lured Daryl to meet her for coffee at EJ's Coffee House.  After meeting for coffee and talking, Daryl asked for another chance.  Well, as you can guess as time went by, Daryl married the sole mate of his life.  Well, Julie got stuck with Daryl. Ha! Ha!  Daryl has one son Derek who is 32 years old and lives in St Louis.

Masonry has been part of Daryl’s life beginning in his early years.  His grandfather, father and uncle were Master Masons.  Daryl became a DeMolay in 1967. His father traveled to Phoenix from Ohio to raised Daryl as a Master Mason in 1976 in Hiram Daylight Lodge.  In 1978 he joined the Scottsdale York Rite.  The following summer he walked the hot sands and became a Noble in El Zaribah Shrine Temple.  Daryl's job moved him to Albuquerque in 1981 and, here he affiliated with Hiram Lodge #13 and Ballut Abyad Temple.  He served as president of the Clowns for three years.  That was during the days of Russ Lock, Chuck Levy, Will Darby, Ed Scales and of course Tom O'Connell.  In 1991 Daryl bought Russell’s Bakery on Lomas and Carlisle.  However due to long hours and a seven day work week, he was inactive in the Shrine until selling the Bakery in 1998.  He is now as active member in the Greeters, which he and Julie enjoy very much.

Daryl and Julie both grew up on the farm, Daryl in Morrow, Ohio and Julie in Oakes, North Dakota.  Both being small towns where everyone knew theirs and your business, but where farmers helped farmers.  Daryl’s family had a 365-acre grain farm and a herd of 200 registered Herefords. That meant getting up early in the morning to feed the cattle before school, and there were always chores to do after school.  Daryl was active in 4H, and he spent long summer days working the farm and showing his caves at County Fairs.  But all this work was not just a passing, as in 1966 his Heifer won the Ohio Grand Champion with.  Julie’s family owned an 1800-acre farm.  Her father was a grain and hog farmer.  Julie contributed by taking care of the chickens and sometimes feeding the hogs.  Great job for a girl!  She can tell stories about having to routinely tunnel out of the house, through snow, during the North Dakota winters.

Daryl majored in criminology and minored in business and graduated from Sinclair College, Dayton, Ohio in 1973, where upon he received a nice brown envelope from Uncle Sam. His military draft lottery number was 39 and he was ordered to report to the Army on July 4th, 1973.  He served in the army for 2 years as a Military Policeman and CID and when discharged he remained active in the Army Reserves for another 23 years from which he retired in 1998.  Daryl began as an enlisted and achieved the rank of Sergeant First Class.  Later he earned his commission as a Second Lieutenant and he retired from the Army Reserves as a Major.  During his military career he served in many positions, including Commander of the 156th Area Support Group headquarter in Albuquerque from 1990 to 1994.

Julie graduated from the University of Mary in Bismarck North Dakota in 1973.  She majored in nursing and has been a RN Nurse for 30 years.   She knows how to care for sick or injured people.  She has a real compassion for children. She works at UNM Hospital in the pediatric day surgical unit as a RN 3.

Daryl’s ambition was to go into law enforcement, but when he returned to civilian life he located in Phoenix.  He found an advertisement that said “Unlimited Income, Be Your Own Boss and Drive a Cadillac”.  Daryl answered the ad and, yes, he became an Insurance Agent.  This has been his career vocation since answering that add, except for the period of time he owned Russell’s Bakery.

They like to travel.  Vacations for Daryl & Julie primarily consist of riding their motorcycle.  They own a Honda Gold Wing.  If you don’t know what that is, it looks like a big sofa going down the road at 70 miles an hour but the best part is going through rural curvy and mountainous roads. They take 3 or 4 trips a year on their motorcycle.  Longest was traveling some 3,800 miles in 9 days.  The ride and scenery is the vacation not the destination.  Julie must really love Daryl to be so close that much! Well, at least she can always hit the mute button on the intercom.

Daryl and Julie work hard for selected charities including the Shrine Crippled Children’s Fund raising events. Daryl and Julie have been the directors of the Local Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA), working with the Ride for Kids for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.  They even use their biking experience to organize a Bike Run the Asbury Pie Café.  Daryl's  baking experience was a natural to lead him to volunteer at the Asbury Pie Café as this is a cause where over 2800 pies are baked and sold during the State Fair, and it involves over 320 volunteers.  All profits go to feed the hungry and the homeless at 5 local food kitchens.  Daryl and Julie are active members in Asbury United Methodist Church where he is serving as Chairman of the Trustees.

Daryl is dedicated to the Shrine Children’s Hospitals and their success.  He has visited the Cincinnati Shrine Hospital several times during the Christmas Holidays, as it is very close to where he grew up.  Daryl felt very honored when asked by Potentate Bill Broughall to accept the position of 2nd Ceremonial Master.  This offered him an opportunity to offer more of his talents to the Shrine and our children.  He pledges his support, dedication and ethics to Ballut Abyad, it’s members and our children and looks forward to serving in the fellowship of the Nobility.